International Trade

This is our favorite niche in which we can do everything. Or almost everything.

We carry a full range of services on the organization of export-import operations, we conduct strict control over the process of execution of each contract. Excellent reputation, stable relations with producers, a large range of goods available and flexible pricing policy helps us to create long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with partners and customers.

The main activities and services

  • Trade
  • Transportation and logistics support
  • Sales and Distribution system
  • Dealer transactions and mediation

Our advantages

  • long-term dealer relationships with partners in China
  • authorization to represent the interests of manufacturers of various equipment and machinery, tools, household items, food, communications equipment and other products
  • extensive experience in the export of goods and the wide geography of trade partners
  • financial and organizational capabilities for complex transactions, starting from the negotiation and up to the quality control of the goods on delivery and financial settlement

Our Team

Qualified and proactive professionals from various fields and industries which are ready to cover all needs of the client in relation to transactions, including:

– Signing contracts with domestic or foreign party
– Consideration of a letter of credit
– Chartering
– Clearance checking of export goods
– Declaration
– Customs clearance
– Preparation of documents, presentation of documents and receipt of currency exchange execution formalities, VAT refund.

In addition, a company can take a financial settlement with the supplier, or to make a payment for a certain sum, to make a loan.

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