Search and attraction of investments is one of the main activities of Longway Rundeer, that we developed more than 10 years.

Investment activity directions

Finding and attracting investors Search of investee Direct capital investments


Finding and attracting investors

Activities in finding and attracting investments – are highly risky segments. In this regard, when attracting investors Longway Rundeer help applicants in such ways:

  • search for investors and investments
  • go through the procedure Due Diligence
  • organize an independent evaluation of the business
  • negotiate with buyers the price of the transaction
  • develop and coordinate all documentation of the transaction of purchase and sale of shares (stakes)
  • develop and implement the transaction scheme
  • monitor further developments in accordance with the agreements.

Search of investee           

Many companies own funds that have accumulated over several years and are not involved in the production turnover. Money should work! For the reasons of gaining profit and reducing the risks of financial losses, the owners make decisions about diversification and start searching for investment targets.

Longway Rundeer works for more than 10 years on the market of investment services. Partner base, availability of direct arrangements, established reputation allow us quickly and accurately find you the appropriate object for capital investment in China, and in other countries.

Direct capital investments

Longway Rundeer not only has the knowledge, experience, human resource, and financial capacity to implement interesting projects, but willing to invest money in promising and profitable areas.

Longway Rundeer will be helpful in such cases:

  • If you have an idea and developed business plan, but have no money for its implementation
  • If you are searching for investors, but so far had no success
  • If you are ready to invest in a new project
  • If You have already carry negotiations on, but they did not give results
  • if you have spare money, but have no idea how to make them work

Longway Rundeer is ready to become your advisor, partner or investor.

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