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ОЕМ (Original Equipment Manufacture) – this is a method of manufacturing of existing products on the market, but under your trademark on the territory of a third party. In other words – this is the contract manufacturing of products, which already exists, copying.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) –  contracted manufacturing of certain products with a unique design or special features. in other words, development is carried out by you, and the necessary preparations for the introduction of the production and manufacture of the commodity itself performs the contractor.

Advantages of OEM, ODM

OEM and ODM – these models are easy to implement and are convenient for both small and medium businesses, as well as for large enterprises. They allow you to set up production of goods, without the cost of renting space, buying equipment, hiring and training of staff.

  • Cost effectiveness
    You do not need significant investments in property, equipment and personnel. This enables the quick start of production
  • Variability
    The ability to place orders at several factories at the same time and to choose the most suitable partner after analyzing results of the production
  • Easy to implement
    There are plenty of factories that are ready to carry out orders of OEM and ODM. They possess the experience, resources and specialization. OEM production model has worked out effectively and is used by many brands and companies

Longway Rundeer has extensive experience in the organization of production at both Chinese and European factories. To start your production we take few steps:

  • select the desired factory or production line in China or any other country, according to your request
  • contact the factory, conduct negotiations, agree upon technical task and specifications
  • sign the contract for the delivery of labour. We can take care about the full range of works on the preparation and coordination, taking into account the specifics of the legislation
  • we carry production control and keep you informed about progress and stages of the production
  • at the final stage of production – we accomplish quality control, loading, shipping and delivery of the goods at destination

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