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Longway Rundeer is officially registered in the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC. The company headquartered in the capital of China – Beijing, and has offices in different cities in China and abroad. At present, our company has a long-term relationship with 18 economically developed provinces and cities of China and dealer partners in the CIS countries.
Our company has more than 10 years of experience in promotion and implementation of advanced technologies in production processes. Fields of appliance of Longway Rundeer professionals are: engineering, environment issues, new technologies, petrochemicals, energy-saving technology, food processing, medicine, etc. Our partners are the scientific institutes and leading enterprises of the industry in China.

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Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Latin America, Middle East, Central and South Asia

Frequently Asked Questions

When we will be useful for you?

If you have an idea and developed business plan, but have no money for its implementation
If you are searching for investors, but so far had no success
If you are ready to invest in a new project
If you have already carry negotiations on, but they did not give results
If you have spare money, but have no idea how to make them work

What is our goal?

Our goal and key aspiration is – business without boundaries between countries, nations and languages

What is ODM?

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) — contracted manufacturing of certain products with a unique design or special features. in other words, development is carried out by you, and the necessary preparations for the introduction of the production and manufacture of the commodity itself performs the contractor.

What is OEM?

ОЕМ (Original Equipment Manufacture) — this is a method of manufacturing of existing products on the market, but under your trademark on the territory of a third party. In other words – this is the contract manufacturing of products, which already exists, copying.

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